Timber Staining and Restoration

"We look after timber better than nature itself".

We restore & maintain: Decks, Entrance Doors, Windows, Gates, Balustrading, Timber Boardwalks, Jetty's, Pontoons, Patio Furniture & All Feature Timber in & around your home or office.

We all know how hot and dry it can get and how we benefit from sunscreen. TIMBER is no different - exposed to a variety of elements, they need ongoing maintenance for the best protection.

Is your timber/deck showing signs of old age? Is it turning grey and drying out from too much UV exposure? Is it going mouldy from not enough UV? Or maybe your deck is suffering from party abuse?

We provide protection for all Timber: Merbau, Tallowood, Spotted Gum, Brushbox, Iron Bark, Jarrah, Cedar, Meranti, Pine, Luaun, Redwood, Oregon & More. With Deckheads once we've restored your timber to its former glory we will implement a maintenance program to keep it that way. You can either do it yourself or book it in with us to keep all your timber features looking their best.

Natural Timber Oils

Wood Oils work by penetrating deep into the timber and soaking the timber in oil molecules that repel water. The oily molecules do not form a film, and eventually wear off, so regular maintenance is necessary. This is achieved by simply cleaning with a ph balanced cleaner and applying another coat, usually on an annual basis.


Stains stain the timber to a desired colour, often highlighting the grain and enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. They do not form a coating, and are usually over coated with a longer-lasting oil or varnish. 
Natural Timber finishes - flexible, ensures retention of vapour permeability while protecting timber with natural oils, pigments and resins. Must be recoated once a year on exterior surfaces, fence and decking stains available.


Varnishes work by forming a water-repellant barrier. They often contain UV-resistant substances, as UV rays from sunlight damage the timber's cells, creating the familiar greying of exposed timber. Molecules in the varnish link up when exposed to air to form a continuous film. This enables them to have high sheen levels and greater water-resistance compared to Wood Oils, and less maintenance. However, unlike oils, when maintenance is undertaken the entire surface must be sanded.